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The Introduction of Wang Lei International Fencing Club

Wang Lei International Fencing Club (WLFC) was founded by Wang Lei - China’s first men’s fencing olympic medalist. Wang Lei won the Silver medal at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics. He also won the Gold Medal in the 2006 Turin World Fencing Championship.

Wang Lei shared and promoted his love of fencing by establishing his first fencing club in 2013 in the Jing’an District of Shanghai, China - a major business and commercial hub with streets lined with Louis Vuitton retailers and the like. The Jing’an club attracted many fencing aficionados and eventually was too small. In 2016, two other locations were set up to meet the growing need of the fencing community in Shanghai: one along the famous Huangpu River and the other in the Biyun International Community in Pudong.

By holding numerous national and international competitions, in three short years WLFC gained recognition from many national fencing clubs and the Chinese Association of Fencing. In addition, WLFC cooperates with schools from Elementary to College in training fencers for both recreational and competitive fencing.

For the further development of the sport of fencing, Wang Lei has set his sight outside of China - in the United States where fencing skills have developed rapidly in the past X years. It is well-known that New Jersey has the most fencers in the country and many high schools have a fencing team. And so, WLFC has established a fourth club in the US in the Princeton area of New Jersey. Wang Lei believes there will be a great synergy between fencers in the US and the fencers in China and plans have been made for fencers in China to train with fencers in the US and vice versa.

The location in New Jersey boasts 12,000 square feet of space well-equipped with 15 standard fencing strips, a locker room, shower, and waiting area, and a parking lot with almost 50 parking spaces. To accommodate the other needs of fencers and parents, the club has outsourced after-school classes onsite in English(ESL), Chinese, SAT, math, drawing, yoga and so on.

WLFC and its coaches are committed to cultivating excellent athletes by integrating Chinese and Western culture for the purpose of learning, developing, and enjoying the art of fencing. We invite you to join us in this pursuit!