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Tomasz Stusinski


Tomasz Stusinski   Tomasz Stusinski 

Tomasz Stusinski (Coach Tomasz) is an Olympic level fencer from Poland with thirty five years of fencing experience. His fencing achievements include winning more than 100 national and international tournaments, including National Champion of Poland four times, Champion of Europe, a World Cup finalist several times, a World Champion finalist and participating in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, after which he finished his career as a professional fencer and started coaching. 

While Coach Tomasz was competing, he was a dedicated student and started his education at the Primary School of Championship Sports in Warsaw and continued to the High School of Championship Sports, also in Warsaw. At both of these schools he was honored with the Gold Badge, which signified his academic and sports achievements. Coach Tomasz then completed his bachelor's degree in Sports Management and his master's degree in Physical Education at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. His university and fencing club also honored him with the Gold Badge. Concurrent to his studies at the university, Coach Tomasz received his fencing coach qualifications at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice from one of the most famous fencing teachers in the world, Zbigniew Czajkowski. Coach Tomasz is qualified to teach all ages of students, from beginner’s level up to Olympic level.

In 2004, Coach Tomasz’s thesis, “Analysis of Struggle Dynamics in World Elite Fencers”, was published in both English and Polish in the national academic sports science journal (Sport Wyczynowy), a peer-reviewed journal. His education included both medicine and physics. His research was on the dynamics and movement of fencing.

Additionally to his coaching and writing, Coach Tomasz is also the highest rated sabre referee in North America. Sabre rating "1"...

Beginning his coaching career in 2000, in Warsaw, Poland, Coach Tomasz then moved to the United States in 2003. Since 2007, he has resided in New Jersey.

”My coaching philosophy is to use the sport of fencing to bring out the best in my students, to be better human beings with self discipline, integrity, responsibility and the fortitude to face life’s challenges. I truly believe that fencing techniques can be mastered by anyone, however to be truly successful in the sport of fencing, one must have a courageous Heart and an open Mind.“

Coach Tomasz Stusinski is excited to teach sabre fencing to everyone seeking personal improvement and is ready to introduce newcomers and beginners to this fascinating sport.

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